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About CapitalSUE

With 25 years of proven experience in the utility industry, we specialize in difficult locates in congested and atypical sites. Our main goals are having the work done to complete satisfaction of our clients thus creating and maintaining a loyal base of them.


Experienced, skilled, and well trained in using cutting edge technology, we utilize instruments produced by prestigious companies like MALA, SEBA-KMT, Radio Detection, and BOSCH.


Periodically we calibrate and upgrade our equipment to the highest industry standards. 


Based in Washington DC Metropolitan Area we serve all Maryland counties, Northern Virginia, parts of West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Delaware on daily basis, but will travel further depending on our clients needs.

What Our Customers Think

"It was not easy finding the leak in my house! We tried 3 companies before a friend recommended Capital S.U.E . Marius is a PRO! He was most helpful in finding and describing to me in terms that I could understand things that should be done to correct my water leakage problem. Thank you!"

- Elizabeth Morgan


"Great service! Great price! Found a mystery leak. Marius was my tech and he explained everything as he went.The supporting office staff was friendly and coordinated my appointment scheduling fast. I highly recommend Capital S.U.E."

- Adam Stainhart


"I’m a repeat customer and received excellent service again. Marius was very thorough, checked in with updates on the progress often, explained everything in plain, understandable context and was very professional. Would definitely recommend Capital S.U.E. LLC."

- Ema A.


"Marius is a professional who goes above and beyond. He assisted us in taking steps to locate a problematic discharge pipe. Our specific case is quite unusual, and although determining a final end-point is still in-progress for our project, he helped us eliminate other possibilities by employing several location techniques while providing his honest assessments. Would absolutely consider working with him again - thank you!"

- Omar Nasr

"I had a very positive experience with Capital S.U.E. Marius explained everything to me each step of the way, and put markings on the floor for the plumber. He was very efficient. I highly recommend Capital S.U.E! Best service for the best price in Maryland and Virginia!"

- Moon Light


"We had a great experience with Capital S.U.E . We had a gas leak that Marius was able to find  using specialized equipment. Marius  was very professional, effective, and efficient. We would definitely hire Capital S.U.E. again!"

- Sammy L.


"Locating the leak quickly and effectively can save you time, money and, most importantly, your health in the long run. That’s why we chose Capital S.U.E. LLC . You can count on the qualified professionals here to save you time, money, and give you peace of mind when you really need it. Marius is a PRO!"

- Yasmina



Contact our team of experts today to determine availability in your area. 

Mobile: 301-346-6951

Office: 202-922-7333

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